Newcomers to the nautical world who have the opportunity to go as crewmembers with different owners may find differences, both in the way each skipper does things and in the accommodation and possibilities aboard.
of the different ships. It’s important to realize the first point from the beginning, because until you know them well, skippers don’t usually like to tell you that things were done differently aboard the last boat you were on as a crew member. You’ll find different routines and customs, for example, in cooking and scrubbing. Some owners will expect not to have to do anything in the kitchen, will zarán the system of rotation, while there will be those who prefer to cook themselves and distribute the cleaning among the crew. Whatever the system, the new crew will be informed about the rules of the house and abide by them. Normally each crew member is expected to carry his or her bag, but make sure before boarding. It is always a good idea to carry a pair of pillowcases.

The boat should be equipped with pillows or cushions, but if not, you can make one by putting a pair of jerseys in a cover. It is advisable to wear a waterproof suit both the jacket and the trousers. Although most of the crossing is done inside a comfortable and warm helm, there will be times when, at sea, you will have to go out on deck to anchor or moor the boat with good ropes, or make a trip to land in the auxiliary.

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