Comfort on board of an AB-58

For those who like to vacation on islands enjoying the beach and the sea there is no better option than to rent a yacht to enjoy the open sea which for many tourists is usually a wonderful option, visitors to Ibiza who incur in this practice turn to an agency such as Barracuda Ibiza.
This agency has the best yachts available to all its customers, from yachts ranging from € 1,000 to yachts whose rental cost is € 60,000, all this range of vessels are available to customers according to their needs or tastes.
A ship with class.
The AB-58 is a boat with class designed with a load capacity in mind of 12 people which inside is equipped to serve 4 people during the night with a bathroom equipped with shower, its interior decor is wood with furniture coated in a soft cream.
Outside the boat has a front solarium area and is equipped with what is necessary to mount a small party in and on the ship, something that many customers enjoy is its speed which allows them to move comfortably in the waters.
This beautiful yacht has multiple amenities and features such as:
Length: 17.7mts
Beam: 4.5mts
Capacity: 11 people during the day, 4 during the night
Cabins: 2+1 for crew
Bathrooms: 2
Engines: MAN 1300HP x2
Speed: cruise 48 / maximum 54 knots.
Fuel: Diesel capacity 220lts
Internal equipment: air conditioning, CD DVD, satellite TV.
The comforts of this yacht.
For those who like to do the tour along the coast of Ibiza and have fun in open sea this yacht is one of the best options you can get with the people Barracuda Ibiza with a comfortable solarium for those looking to sunbathe a good time during the day.
Along with this the yacht comes with everything you need for even a comfortable evening as the yacht inside is a mini department equipped with what you need for great comfort, this yacht is one of the accessible options available to them.
Comfort and location prices.
As any Barracuda Ibiza agency has prices of its water vehicles according to the season and the AB-58 is no exception to this, this yacht has a cost of € 2,000 in low season, € 2,200 in medium season and € 2350 in high season.
This yacht can be found after renting it in the marina of Ibiza where it is always ready and prepared for work without difficulties.
A comfortable experience.
The speed of this yacht allows you to move around the coast quickly and smoothly and with the audio equipment you can spend a great evening during the day or during the night with more relaxing music so as to have a small night meeting or simply to enjoy the night with company.

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